Always Half Full

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Thanksgiving and the gratitude it brings, opens us to the fullness of our lives. It enlightens us to realizing we have enough, and more, and that we can share. It helps us to make sense of our past, our present, and what the future will bring.

Gratitude creates a vision of what can be no matter what is.

I am grateful for the over 900 Cars Yeah guests who have given of their time and shared their lives. I am grateful for you, who are reading this now. You who listen to the shows, and who have reached out to share your good wishes, your helpful thoughts, and your brilliant suggestions.

Gratitude turns confusion to clarity.

I am grateful for all the new friendships created. May your Thanksgiving bring you happiness, light, joy, and my hope is that you allow yourself to feel gratitude, and to share that feeling with those you share the day with.

Because of gratitude my tank is always full.

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