Coming Together

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Sadly the divide between people continues to grow. Thankfully the car hobby does the opposite. Automobiles have always been a way to bring people from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, and thoughts, together.

Cars cross all boundaries.

Whenever I’ve attended a car show, race, vintage event, cars and coffee, or club event people who would normally not commingle, gladly get along. Cars are a melting pot that inspire conversation, encourage sharing, and create a culture of helping others. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, all expand our friendship base and foster acts of kindness and comradery.

Through your passion for cars, go out and affect the world in a positive manner.


  1. “Car love is the sound of a throaty V-8 rumbling and revving, the acceleration throwing you back in the seat – especially when you get on a beautiful, winding road and the light’s dappling through the trees.”
    John Lasseter

    Wheels melt away all of ‘the noise of the day’! Keep those wheels spinning!

  2. Interesting engine. It looks like a V-8 with the exhausts in the center of the “V”. Which engine model is it???

  3. Quite frankly what I don’t understand is why all the car shows feature cars that are the price of a middle class house. Its like watching a cooking show that teaches one how to cook Kobe beef. While it is a beautiful sizzling steak, ill never be able afford the 300.00 a pound price. Show me how to cook the porterhouse and Ill be very happy. Perhaps I’m the only one, I think am because the shows keep bringing out the yanko Camaro or the boss mustang 429 or the split window corvette. Very nice but I cant afford it. My wife is not a supermodel, My home is not a mansion and I don’t have a 100 grand in mad money to spend. I am an average working class Joe. I saw a car show on TV last year and it featured average people test driving three old classic cars they had picked out. They had a budget, 10,000 to 20,000 I think was the average budget and they drove beautiful classic cars that I might be able to afford. That was it, a show about classic cars for the working class. AND I did not have to sit through Barret Jackson auctions in any of the episodes. It was so nice watching these buyers drive and show cars that did not cost an arm, leg, kidney……..When I was a kid I bought a 1954 Mercury for 50 bucks. Had one bucket seat, (not bolted down) and it couldn’t go up a hill. I would sit in that car every night and just marvel at the dash, the huge headliner, the back seat that was the size of a couch. Man I loved that car more than any other car I’ve ever owned. I wish there was a show that featured cars for sale in the 10,000 to 20,000 range and some expert would drive them and talk about what to look for, what is so cool about them and the best ways for average people to afford the classic car hobby. I basically have stopped watching car shows because the cars that are featured on TV shows now are way beyond anything I could ever purchase. I like Jay Leno but I have nothing in common with his very wealthy mega car collectors that appear.
    I guess bottom line is I doubt, really that you will find a mixed range of classes at the Ferrari auction. Don’t you think there might be a market for this kind of car show?

  4. Mark, I understand where Don is coming from, I am a “starving” automotive artist painting my dreams. I can’t afford any of the high-dollar exotics either, but when I hear the roar of one of Jim Hall’s Chevy V8 powered Chaparrals, or the high pitch scream of a Porsche 935 at an historics racing event, it fires my dreams, my hopes, my creativity and sends me straight back to my studio easel to paint more of those dreams. I may never be able to afford a Porsche, or a Roush Mustang, or even a ’40 Ford Coupe, but I will always have hopes and dreams of doing so and sure love seeing and hearing them.

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