Dear Santa

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So, you’ve jumped in your 250 SWB to pick up the tree and why not… because you can. 

And then you wake up.

Let’s play that game. I’m going to give you an unlimited Christmas budget to buy that one car for yourself. That one and only ultimate toy. Not a daily driver but something fun. However, there are a few rules to this game. You have to drive the car. You can’t sell it to buy a bunch of other cars. I want you to use it;  at the track, to go grab a coffee, to take for a weekend getaway.

No garage queens here at Cars Yeah.

So, what will it be and why? Santa’s waiting for your answer…


By the way. I had the honor and pleasure of driving this SWB. It’s real and it’s spectacular!


  1. Mine? Lola T163 Can Am Spyder…High Wing, heck, I would even take a newly constructed one with zero race history. I would choose Alloy Boss 494 Ford power. Why? Vintage Racing, and because that body shape is sex on wheels. It’s the car we all drew as kids and didn’t know we were drawing a Lola T163….

      • Dear Santa Mark,
        My family was working middle class when I was a kid. My dad was very practical and thrifty. He owned a 50 ish Studebaker 2 door coup until he upgraded to a 55 Ford 2 door with a V8. After a few years of “supporting the gas companies” as he called them, he bought a 59 VW bug. There was just enough room in the back seat for the three of us kids. After riding in VDubs as they are called now for a few years a neighbor started picking me up to go to Sunday school in a 56 Chevy station wagon. It was so beautiful and had so much room! She could have put dads bug in the back I swear! That’s what I want. A 56 Chevy Nomad station wagon with 265 Power Pack V8, and 3 speed Over Drive transmission. I’d also like Air Conditioning for the summer and heater for up north. Electric wipers, and a Power passenger side window. That’s the one I can’t reach from my seat! Oh, and a trailer hitch too cuz I’m practical like my dad. Thanks Santa. And I’ve almost been ‘very good’.

  2. Well my Christmas list since I was 10 years old, (50 years) has always had one car on it! A 1965 Rolls-Royce Drophead coupe. I saw it in the movie “The Love Bug” in a scene with an exotic car showroom. It was the most beautiful car this 10 year old had ever seen, and he had to know more about it…..started a love affair with Rolls-Royces that has lasted a lifetime. 🙂

  3. Santa Greene, I’d like a 275 GTB with a few paint chips and worn leather seats. I have been reasonably good this year. Thanks, Bill

  4. Perhaps with this being Christmas time you’ll come good on my answer to this same question when I was a guest on your podcast a while back, Mark!! I’m still looking for that Lancia Aurelia B24S Spider America from that day!! I’ll be patiently waiting by the Christmas tree now!! (Oh, if it’s easier for you, I’ll gladly accept a 1974 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super in my stocking!!)

  5. When I was on the show I mentioned a 4 Cam Speedster, but maybe I need something more practical. So what I want is a Rod Emory built 1959 356 coupe. Black with green interior,please Santa Greene

  6. What’s that Ferrari doing out in the snow and road salt?! Agh!!
    To answer your question, I’ll take the Zagato-bodied Lancia Flaminia.

  7. Dear Santa Mark,
    Like most, my aspirational car evokes memories of my youth. In high school, the parents of the well to do kids I knew had either a BMW Bavaria or the first generation 530i. I did finally get the 1975 530i when I got out of college, by then an aging used car. But the Bavaria and the coupe, a 3.0CS, are still unfulfilled. A Concours example 3.0CS just broke the crazy barrier on BaT selling for $135k, so it seems they will continue to remain just far enough out of reach to never lose their mystique. But I keep watching for an unmolested Bavaria.

  8. Dear Santa!
    This year I would love a new Nissan Skyline. I know I know completely different than most people but I love the look and the spped wont hurt either!

  9. I have always wanted the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda convertible from the Nash Bridges show, or one like it. Such a cool car. The white interior. The hood scoop. And it could get up and go.

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