Fear and Chance

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Many people look at their dreams and fear taking a chance. It is easy to bring up all the ways we can fail. Excuses to “not” are easy. The fact is, every day you face your chance of a lifetime. That day is today, right here, right now.

But only if you’re up for it.

The actions we put in to place that change our lives, and the lives of others, are rarely the long-scheduled plans. It is almost certain that your opportunity to take a chance, to turn down a new road untraveled, will come out of nowhere.

The trick is to be ready.

Opportunity for adventure is often just lying there, waiting for you to grab it. The trick is to face possible defeat and failure as a successful part of the journey. Nobody gets there overnight. If you stay busy and look at each forward movement as an opportunity to celebrate you’ll remain grateful.

Stay busy. Don’t get down on yourself. Practice discipline.


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  1. You’re so right about pursuing the fullness of life with a sustained readiness to embrace the unkown and move outside our comfort zones. After all, there’s only limited growth when we hang around the “status quo.”

    Isn’t that why we like taking on the curves on the twisty and more challenging mountain highways? On the other hand, certainly the ease and breeze of those longer strraightaways offer a welcomed counterbalance. It seems best to have a bit of both experiences.

    There’s more fullness in the life that keeps that “moderation and variation” theme — yet it seems to me that those who seek mostly to avoid those ‘twists and turns’ lose out on discovering a bit more of their confidence and curiosity for new and expanded travels.

    Perhaps life, like in motoring, offers a greater reward for finding and celebrating those optimum ways to tackle off-camber turns and the rhythm of the drive best when we push the suspension, steering and braking to discover the harmony of that similar “groove” that race car drivers tunnel through at speed.

    Parked and observing opportumities from the sidelines, we are only spectators in untested chassis at idle.

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