Genuine Curiosity

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When I was getting married, nearly 33 years ago, I asked my grandfather, who at the time had been married for 50+ years, and went on to share his life with my grandmother for over 70 years, “What is the secret to marriage?” He told me it is very simple. “You have to be willing to give more than you ever expect back.” I can tell you it works. Contradictory to a normal path of finding customers, followers, clients, and employees, it is the same approach to eventually getting what you desire.

Give without any thought of getting.

Your success begins with understanding what other people need and not what you’re there to get. Ask questions. Ask how you can help. Most importantly, listen.

Be genuinely curious.

Those you communicate with will begin to reciprocate and show an interest in you. That’s when the magic happens. Trust forms and your relationship will accelerate.

Here’s a tip.

This also works magically with your mechanic, vendors, with your children, friends, and especially with your spouse or partner.