I Need What I Want

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When I was a kid I would see something I wanted and tell my parents “I need that.” Of course my mom or dad would respond with “You don’t need that. You want it. There is a difference.” In my mind of course there was no difference.

I needed what I wanted and I wanted what I needed.

There are so many interesting and beautiful cars in the world and I keep discovering new models I never even knew existed. This week on Cars Yeah I had a very enjoyable conversation with Geoff Hacker. Geoff operates the website Forgotten Fiberglass. He researches and looks for cars that were built in limited numbers long, long ago. Geoff and his research partner Rick D’Louhy are treasure hunters and more so they are seekers of knowledge. Geoff and Rick both know what they want and what they need. That is…

To tell the greatest American car story NEVER told.

Automotive enthusiasts literally need to be around cars. There is a spark inside of us that requires we care for a particular car that will ignite our soul, fuel our passion, and carry us through our lives. Some of us discover it in a garage, or in the back seat of our parent’s car when we were kids on a family trip, or standing on a street corner when something new drives by.

So Mom. Dad. World. I need what I want. And I want what I need.

Tell me about the car you need.


  1. I need an old WIllys Wagon with modern running gear, all decked out as if new. I need a ’32 Ford roadster. I need matching new and old Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers and Chargers. I need an all original unrestored, unmolested mid ’50s Olds like I had in high school… and, of course, my fist car; the ’56 Bel Air 2 door sedan. Oh, and I almost forgot! I need my ’60 Austin Healey with tonneau, soft top and side curtains and original factory hardtop. These things I need.
    Santa, if you are reading this, I WANT a place to put all of them, too!

  2. Fun article Mark. Santa can bring me a new car. Maybe an Infinity. That’s the kind of car this older lady would like. Love my BMW, but ready for a change.

  3. I need a Ferrari 250 GTO replica. A real one would cost too much to enjoy but a replica would be awesome to drive around in. Maybe I’ll build one?

  4. I got the car that I wanted or better the car that I needed :), I was losing my mind thinking about it. It’s a 62′ VW Karmann Ghia with original two-tone colour Lavender body and Pearl White roof. I love all kinds of cars: Mustang, Alfa, Ferrari, Mercedes and so on but funnily enough only the KG was the one that stole my heart 🙂

  5. I really miss my TR 2 and my 283 powered xk120 coupe (Each $700 cars long ago)….I need something worthy of those…A Glaspar,… perhaps something that looks like a late 40’s Italian coupe,…some old homebuilt sports rod…preferably with crappy paint, decent enough upholstery and I’ll rebuild the mechanicals and wiring to be immaculate just like my TR and Jag….

  6. I probably still need a ’56 T-bird because Annette got one when she turned 16, so naturally I thought my parents would get me one! The car I would like to have back is the ’69 Cortina–though for more fun pursuits than going to the grocery these days!

  7. I need a Type 166 Schwimmwagen, and I want it now, if not sooner. I deserve to own one. And a 1973 911S in Gemini Blue. And one of the Banana Split’s made by Amphicat. That will do me fine for today. I’ll think about tomorrow while I drive these later.

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