Mile Marker 750

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In any endeavor it is important to pull off the road and take a moment to step out of the car, and enjoy the view. Celebrating milestones, no matter their size, allows you to reflect for a moment, take a much needed breath, and smile.

I started the Cars Yeah podcast less than three years ago with a goal to interview Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts™ (the Cars Yeah mantra). Providing them for free to fellow enthusiasts who wish they were in a career that was also their passion. The shows inspire, explain, and share their stories, challenges, and success.

Today I exceed show number 750 on the Cars Yeah podcast. Time to pull over, reflect, and smile. To the over 750 inspiring people who have been on the show, to my listeners, now in over 80 countries around the globe, my family, friends, supporters, and to my sponsors…

I Thank You.

Mark Greene


Photo credit:  RM Auctions

  1. Congratulations on 750 great interviews Mark !! The road ahead looks exciting and adventurous for you my friend….keep up the great road trip, and remember to enjoy the ride!
    All the best to you!.

  2. 750 and counting…congratulations, Mark! I felt from the very start that you would make a great success of this endeavor. There’s nothing more rewarding than finding a way to turn an avocation into a vocation. You have done just that. You’ve combined your vast knowledge of cars and car people, with your never-met-a-stranger personality, and now have amassed a treasure chest of knowledge through these recordings. I frequently will go through the archive and again listen to some of my favorites….Denise McCluggage for example, now gone from this life, but she remains here for us to learn from thanks to you. Well done, my friend!

  3. Something to be proud of and grateful for Mark. Great to see your podcast continuing to inspire, and itself be an inspiration.

  4. Hi Mark
    Congratulations for work exceptionally well done.
    Wonderful interviews, love the style and focus.

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