One Lap at a Time

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No doubt you’ve heard the phrase, “Life’s not a sprint, it’s an endurance race.” The concept aligns with other life phrases including “Stop and smell the flowers.” and “Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” Consider your past year and what’s worked for you, including what’s gone well in your life, business, health, relationships, and your family. 

I suspect a consistent, persistent, curriculum has been more valuable than a single event.

So as you wind down the year and look ahead to the big race called life in 2018, follow the lead from so many of my 925+ Cars Yeah Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts™. Persistence. Tenacity. Passion. They’ll get you where you want to be and you’ll have more success and fun along the way.

Don’t be afraid to drive across the lines once and a while too.


  1. Persistence, Tenacity, Passion and in my case faith as well. Thank you for the encouraging words Mark. Finding you through Joe Pep had been a blessing. Your Interview Flow has helped me put down in words some of the many obstacles and trials that I have endured to get a full season of ‘Bring ‘Em Back To Life’ on my YouTube channel. I have even used it as a guide to provide some local radio personalities with my story when having me as guest host. I am using it as a way to thank you and Joe by name for helping me promote my show on radio.
    Wait until you read the Interview flow sheet! I sent it to my wife as an e-mail attachment last week. Many people who know us have told us that we need to write a book. I told my wife that I have a real good start on my half now and she needs to start hers. LOL. She read it and said she loves it.
    I wil be getting the finished copy with attachments to you shortly.
    Thank you, God Bless and Merry Christmas
    Chaplain Den

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