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David Dickinson

David Dickinson is the Creator and Editor of The Old Car Nut Book series. David has had a wide variety of careers, including military service, Real Estate, Investment Banking, and automotive sales that included most aspects in new car dealerships and then as the General Manager of a classic car dealership. More recently, as a consultant to individuals selling their own late model and classic cars, he has helped For Sale By Owners sell their cars for top dollar, using his proven methods as FSBO Auto Advisor.

In his latest adventure into publishing, The Old Car Nut Book series is David’s way of providing an opportunity for people to share those stories that usually don’t get told other than behind the bumper of a car at a car show or in the confines of a shop. It is also his way of reaching out to young people beginning their journeys in life and finding something fun and worthwhile to focus on. David believes it’s important for younger generations to know where the older generations of the car hobby came from in the hope that they too might be inspired by all of the old iron that we cherish so much. What better way than through stories from the people that created the old car hobby that we know today.


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“Can’t never did anything.” – Davids Mother

“Success is a journey toward a worthwhile goal or dream.”

“Success is’t an event. Success is a process.”


After running a classic car company for many years, the company was sold and a new owner came in who had a very different business style. This resulted in David deciding to leave and figure out what he would do next. Listen to how David used his experiences to begin something completely new.


David figured out how to provide a platform for people to share where they normally wouldn’t get to share their stories otherwise.


A  1954 Oldsmobile, The Asphalt Eating Olds (listen and you’ll understand)


Buy low, sell high.


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 Fenders, Fins & Friends: Confessions of a Car Guy – Lance Lambert

The Old Car Nut Book #1 – David Dickinson

The Old Car Nut Book #2 – David Dickinson

The Old Car Net Book #3 – David Dickinson


Get your old photos and thoughts together and tell your automotive story. Share them with David. Who knows. You just may end up in his next book!


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  1. David’s brilliant concept of asking car guys from around the country to submit stories of their involvement in the hobby while they were growing up is so simple that you would have thought that it would have been proposed before. It wasn’t so thank goodness David did. These books are the literary equivalent of sitting around in lawn chairs with your buddies at a car show and BS’ing about the past. We should all thank David for having the foresight get some of these stories in print before all of the story tellers have passed on to the big car show in the sky.

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