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J.G. Francis

J.G. Francis is the owner of Mercedes Motoring in Glendale California. He fell in love with Mercedes-Benz living next door to a Mercedes mechanic who taught him how strong and enduring the marque was. His passion for well-built and well engineered cars combined with his entrepreneurial spirit drove him to launch a business where he takes well loved old Mercedes-Benz cars produced between 1968 and 1985. He carefully and lovingly restores them to their original grandeur. Driving one of his comfortably worn-in beauties is like going back in time. I’ve seen his work, driven in his cars, and they are absolutely wonderful.


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“That’s going to be impossible which is not to say it can’t be done.” – Sean Johnstun


J.G. shares his many challenges in business starting when he was only 16. Listen and learn how one of those failed businesses came back around and became what he is successful at today.


After finding an old Mercedes to fix up and sell, J.G. realized how much he enjoyed the marque and from there he began to build his business.


A 1979 VW Scirocco


Don’t ever operate under deadlines.


Kon-Tiki – Thor Heyerdahl

Beast – Jade Gurss


Try not to ever let money drive what you’re doing in your career or your life. Allow your passion and the things that you love drive what you’re doing in your life. The money will eventually follow.


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  1. Mark, great interview with JG. His cars are the absolute best, and anyone looking for an older Mercedes should check his website first.

    • in Bellingham WA is a good source. They sell parts and kits with instructions to do an entire repair or fix. is another source with great prices. They sell OEM equivalent parts.

  2. I bought a ’73 280C coupe from JG and Mercedes Motoring. The experience and what I received was interesting for a 36K purchase.

  3. I bought a 1973 280C from JG Francis and Mercedes Motoring for 36K. It was not what I expected. After receiving the car, I spent an additional amount on mechanical repairs (coupe was getting hot and would die in start/stop traffic) and15K an COUNTING on rust repair – JG told me it was rust free. While he gave me $12K for rust repair, in my opinion he should pay for ALL rust repair. At the time of writing, it has been in the shop for 6 months for repairs (I have had the car for 6.5 months).

    Before I received the car, I spoke with JG. He said the car was complete. However, agreed upon work was not done. The items included repair of headliner, replacement of wood dash and horn. After receiving the car and realizing the items we not not completed, I called JG. He said, oh, yeah, I will send you the wood and horn so you can have them installed. Only after I mentioned I was required to pay for the installation I had already paid him for was he willing to consider reimbursement.

    All said, bad decision.

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