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Mark Greene / Cars Yeah

On this milestone, 300th episode of Cars Yeah, producer and host Mark Greene is interviewed by his son Blake. Blake pictured in the photo inset above on the day he learned to drive a stick shift in dad’s Porsche 911S.  Enjoy a unique twist on this 300th episode and learn a bit more about Mark and how Cars Yeah came to be.

Mark Greene is the producer and host of Cars Yeah, a five day a week podcast you can enjoy on the Cars Yeah website, iTunes, YouTube, and Stitcher. He’s a die-hard automotive enthusiasts and life long entrepreneur who started his first business at 14 years old when he founded Auto Care, a neighborhood detailing business. After 11 years as a creative director and partner in a San Diego advertising and graphic design firm, he spent 20 years helping build Griot’s Garage as the V.P. of Marketing, Merchandising, and he was the President of the company before leaving to create his own business at Cars Yeah where the mantra is Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts™. That little kid in the pedal car, that’s Mark in his Garton Kidillac at the age of two. Truly a life long car guy.



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“Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts™.” – The Cars Yeah mantra.


After 20 years helping build the company Griot’s Garage he had to make a difficult decision to leave.


Discovering that he could develop a business that inspired others through the medium of podcasting. An idea his son Blake gave him during a walk one summer.


A 1967 VW Karmann Ghia


“The throttle goes both ways.” – Louie Shefchik on the first day Mark raced.


The Guests on Cars Yeah –


The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It Michael Gerber

Leadership is an Art – Max Depree


If you are passionate about something take the time and make the effort to figure out a way to create a career around that passion. Surround yourself with quality people who will support you, who are honest and ethical, and will hold you accountable to your goals. Go build your dream and start today. Don’t wait.


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  1. My favorite part of the story “The Greene Mille” was when you talked about Blake correcting you about a rock chip on the front of the car…
    Excerpt from book #3 of The Old Car Nut book series:
    Blake put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Don’t worry dad. That’s not a rock chip. That’s a memory mark. Every time you look at that you’ll be reminded what a special day today was.” I about started crying right then and there. This was an eight year old teaching his old man the meaning of life. It’s the adventures, not the things that count. I’ll never forget that moment.
    When you first sent that story to me, I read that part and tears welled up in my eyes.
    Thank you, Mark, for your support of my book series and for having me on your podcast twice.

  2. Mark, great way to celebrate 300 fine shows. I, like Blake, thought I’d heard most of your stories from all our Thursday nights together, but I thought your seller’s remorse car would have been the ’72 S, and I didn’t predict the Singer being your all-time favorite. Thanks for taking the time to let us get to know you better.

  3. Mark, Congratulations on your milestone, 300 guests on As your mom, when you have a child, you always wonder what they will grow up to be. I should have had an idea it would be something to do with cars, because as a very young child, you loved your little cars. You always had them lined up in your room very neatly, which is something you have always done with everything you own. I never had to ask you to pick up in your room. You were a delight to raise, never really gave me a worry except once on your skateboard, if you recall. I am a proud mom, and so happy you have found your special place with CarsYeah. It is a great show, and I look forward to hearing more interesting guests down the road.

  4. Great interview Mark! So fun to hear Blake interviewing his dad too, he did a wonderful job. Your insights were inspirational, and stories were fun to hear. So proud of you buddy, and the success you are making of Cars Yeah. Congratulations on your show # 300 !!! Awesome web site and pod cast for those of us who love the art of the automobile !
    P.S. I remember that VW Sciracco you had in college. And the note I jokingly put on it one day that said “sorry about the scratch”…..LOL
    Congratulations again my friend…. Tim

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