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Satch Carlson is a raconteur, a humorist, and a veteran correspondent of what he calls the international Motorsports Journalism Bidness. He spent years as a columnist and feature writer at AutoWeek magazine and many other publications before taking the helm of Roundel Magazine, the official publication of the 70,000+ member BMW Car Club of America. He also contributes monthly columns to Hemmings Sports & Exotic Cars magazine. He is an active participant in driving events and tours and he’s at home on the track as much as the open road. He loves his Z4M roadster so much that he was once heard to say, “When I die, just put handles on the roadster – and dig a deep hole.”


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“The important thing is this. To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” – Charles Bose

“I am not a missionary. I am not here to save you. I can only save myself from what is happening to you. There is room in my boat if you want to jump in.”   – Jersey Kazińsky


An interesting behind the scenes story about how Satch became the editor of Roundel magazine.


After taking over the editor role at Roundel and the BMW Club Satch approached the board with the concept that what they had was much more than a club publication but instead a national magazine that needed to attract nations advertisers.


A 1943 Military Jeep


Sign the papers, this ain’t no F’in dress rehearsal! – Advice from a friend as Satch was about to purchase his Z4M Roadster.


Alibris –


Catch 22  – Joseph Heller

The Kings of the Road – Ken Purdy

Stand On It – Stroker Ace


Of you’re ever going to stand on it stand on it now. The longer you wait, the slower you get.


BMW Car Club –


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  1. I really enjoyed hearing Satch’s comments about his history. His enthusiasm for the “car life” really comes through! Lucky guy too- a Z8 to add to the stable……… This was my first time listening to Cars Yeah; I’ll definitely be back.

  2. Mr Satch, I had an experience yesterday, Bobs place northern S.c. Where a couple and a man in the first m1bimmer I've ever seen shows up it was Satch and his wife. Great time. Read auto week humor for years . You never know who you may see at Scatterbrai

    Welcome to tru redneckville, I know you can appreciate. Scott Hendricks

  3. Satch is such a nice guy. My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting him in Detroit in 1987 at the Grand Prix. Much champagne was bought by him. He invited us to a private AutoWeek party the next day. True to his word, when they were about to turn us away at the door he appeared and greeted us like old friends. He never made us feel like the midwest schlubs we were. He was very busy, but made sure we were welcomed and treated as his friends. We encountered him on several Formula One weekends after that and he always a perfectly charming person. I poured plenty of money into AutoWeek subscriptions that ended when he was no longer part of it. I used to eagerly await his column.

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