Always Half Full

Thanksgiving and the gratitude it brings, opens us to the fullness of our lives. It enlightens us to realizing we have enough, and more, and that we can [...]

Thousand Miles of SEMA

I'm in Las Vegas this week for the annual SEMA show. This is my 25th year attending and not doubt it will be bigger and better than ever. The SEMA acronym [...]

Define Your Championship

Have you ever wondered why in business, or in life, some things never come to fruition? Walk around your company and ask everyone “what is our [...]

Oh That Hat

It’s 4:50 AM and I’m standing on the 18th green at Pebble Beach Golf Course for the 29th time. But as I arrive I realize there are about 150 other [...]

Time For An Oil Change

My collector car was long overdue for an oil change. I kept putting it off because I was busy. I don’t drive the car enough so I became complacent. I [...]

Can You Hear Me Now?

I was talking with past Cars Yeah guest Deb Pollack about younger people who are not in to driving and cars like we were at their age. She shared some [...]

Genuine Curiosity

When I was getting married, nearly 33 years ago, I asked my grandfather, who at the time had been married for 50+ years, and went on to share his life with [...]

Something For Dad

No doubt many of you were influenced by your father, or a father figure in your life. Having recently lost my father, and upon reflection of the positive [...]

The Proper Tools

That nut wouldn’t come loose and my bloodied knuckles were screaming at me, “You need the right tool for this you goofball!” So I took the time to [...]