The best time to try and figure out how to synchronize the Weber 32 DCN carbs in a Testarossa isn’t the night before a week long rally down the [...]

Race Cakes

My children are grown up. They have graduated from college, and are building their careers. I couldn't be more proud. When they were growing up I [...]

Hurry Up And Wait

We’ve all seen “that guy”. The one that abruptly pulls around us in traffic so he can get in front of you, only to strop abruptly at the next traffic [...]

Esse Quam Videri

Muirlands Junior High School. That’s where I attended those awkward middle school days where most students are trying to figure out who, or what they [...]

Let’s Have a Drink

I recently added a new question to my Cars Yeah interview repertoire. If you could have a drink with anyone in the automotive industry, living or [...]

Cupid’s Arrow

Can you pinpoint that single moment that defined your passion for an automobile or motorcycle? For most people it was a thin slice of [...]

Social Gossip

When you come to the keyboard with nothing but complaints, gripes, accusations, anger, and you offer no real and viable solutions nor intelligent debate, [...]

Coming Together

Sadly the divide between people continues to grow. Thankfully the car hobby does the opposite. Automobiles have always been a way to bring people from [...]

Ferrari Moments

The first time I attended the Cavallino Classic I had three unforgettable Ferrari moments. A customer of mine at the time loaned me his Ferrari 360 for the [...]