Let’s Have a Drink

I recently added a new question to my Cars Yeah interview repertoire. If you could have a drink with anyone in the automotive industry, living or [...]

Cupid’s Arrow

Can you pinpoint that single moment that defined your passion for an automobile or motorcycle? For most people it was a thin slice of [...]

Social Gossip

When you come to the keyboard with nothing but complaints, gripes, accusations, anger, and you offer no real and viable solutions nor intelligent debate, [...]

Coming Together

Sadly the divide between people continues to grow. Thankfully the car hobby does the opposite. Automobiles have always been a way to bring people from [...]

Ferrari Moments

The first time I attended the Cavallino Classic I had three unforgettable Ferrari moments. A customer of mine at the time loaned me his Ferrari 360 for the [...]

Give It Away

Are you tired of the constant sales pitches you see on line and in your emails that imply something for nothing? Catch lines that end up being a disguised [...]

Just Be You

Aryton Senna raced in a style like no one else before him or since. Even when he started in karting, as just another kid with a dream, he decided [...]

Blank Pages

I had the honor of interviewing over 260 Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts™ in 2016. Each of these amazing people found a way to write their own story and [...]

Attitude 1 2 3

Here’s a great play with numbers and letters. Take the alphabet and apply a number to each letter. “A” being 1, “B“ being 2, all the way through [...]