Attitude 1 2 3

Here’s a great play with numbers and letters. Take the alphabet and apply a number to each letter. “A” being 1, “B“ being 2, all the way through [...]

Holiday Reading

While the holidays can be overwhelming and busy, they do provide a nice break for reflection and hopefully a little down time for reading. This season of [...]

Brake Later

I raced vintage cars and ran a Lotus 18 formula junior and a Lola T290 sports racer. It was great fun and the people were fantastic. I am grateful for the [...]

Try Empathy

He asked me, “Why is it so hard for you to understand what I believe? If you could only think like me, I wouldn’t have to explain myself.” We all [...]

Please Pass The Gratitude

It’s Thanksgiving week and if you are fortunate, you’ll get to be with family and friends this Thursday. Many people won’t be so fortunate due to any [...]

Rear View Mirror

“Head up, head up!” Those words were ringing in my ears through the headset I was wearing under my helmet. I’m thinking, gee buddy, my head is up, [...]


Welcome to election day in the USA, 2016. How are you feeling? If there is a singular lesson I have gleened from this year’s campaigning it is this. [...]

Run Your Own Race

You’ve been running behind the others for the entire race. Always looking for that perfect moment to dive in to the corner and take the lead. [...]

Make Great Choices

Do you choose who you spend time with or do you find yourself allowing others to choose you? Do your friends challenge you? Do they inspire [...]