The Proper Tools

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That nut wouldn’t come loose and my bloodied knuckles were screaming at me, “You need the right tool for this you goofball!”

So I took the time to find the correct size wrench.

Using the right tools is as important as the effort you put in to any project. You’ll have better results and a lot less cursing. Your career and your life can be like that. Working harder doesn’t always mean the more you deserve success nor will it always result in a better outcome. 

Figuring out how to make it easier is sometimes the hardest work we can do.


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  1. Mark, I could not agree more, your hit the nail on the head once again, I tell my staff this message all the time, How can we make it easier for the customers who pay our bills? And you are right, when I ask others to develop a method to make it easier, I hear silence, yet the current methods are more difficult.

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