Time For An Oil Change

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My collector car was long overdue for an oil change. I kept putting it off because I was busy. I don’t drive the car enough so I became complacent.

I wonder how this relates to the importance of taking better care of myself?

Putting off till tomorrow what you know you should do today can grow in to weeks, months, and years. So how do we motivate ourselves to get up and do something?

One way is to project a vision of our future.

Stop, close your eyes, and think about how delaying what you know is important to do today, can grow in to a problem in the future. No matter what it is you need to accomplish, think about what a delay will really cost you.

Today is a great day for an oil change!

  1. Great analogy, you guys hit the nail on the head. Carpe diem is my mantra….but for some reason I can’t share this to my FB buddies…. 🙁 using mozilla browser…the share and like buttons do not work

  2. Yes … your reminding us to maintain the biomechanical machines that keep us rolling everyday! Time to exercise, eat right & focus. Thanks Mark!

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